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While surfing the Internet web sites your browser saves bits of information about your experience on the site (known as HTTP cookies, internet cookies, web cookies or simply cookies). They are your search history, some preferences, logins, passwords. Information about data that web sites save locally in cookies may be important for you security. CookieSpy is a free utility application that displays HTTP cookies stored on your computer by all popular web browsers. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (and Google Chrome Canary), Chromium, Safari, Opera and portable browsers supported. Application has simple, easy-to-use interface.
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Firefox Crashing in Windows 8
"Hello guys, Recenlty, here is a problem always annoying me a lot. Most of the time when I try to open my Firefox (Google), it just hangs there and sometimes crashes. Then I have to press Ctrl>Alt>D to close it, but it takes a very long time. And s..."
firefox mozilla vs google chrome???
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Setting Google Chrome as my default browser?
"I have Google Chrome set as my default browser and running with Windows 8 CP. Anytime I click on a link outside my browser, like in my mail, it opens the page in Internet Explorer 10. I know this issue has been discussed before but failed to fix it. ..."


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