disco xt 6.3.6


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Integrates with iTunes and Windows

Use songs and playlists in your iTunes or Windows Media Library in Disco XT. No setup or importing is required! Disco XT keeps in sync with iTunes. Play songs directly from connected iPods or other media players.


Adjust the playback speed of deck without altering the musical pitch. When beatmixing, pitch-lock allows to sync the decks to the same tempo.

BPM detection

BPM or Beats Per Minute is a unit used to measure the tempo of music. Disco XT automatically detects and shows the tempo of song that are playing. You can also process BPM for playlists or your entire library. On Mac BPM values are saved to the iTunes library.


With a touch of a button, you may put Disco XT to automix playback. In Automix Disco XT plays and fades songs together without any user intevention. If you want to take a break when mixing at a party, you can! Comes with several fading options, crossfades, gap between songs, fade outs and allows the user to create fading as well. Semi mix mode allows automatic playlist control while doing transitions manually.

Fade editor

Create your own automated fades with the built-in fade editor. Includes several built-in fades for many different styles of mixing and music.

Automatic gain control

Disco XT adjusts song levels automatically for professional balanced playback. Optimal end points for songs are detected for gapless playback.


Listen to song with headphones without interfering with the output to your speakers. Cue tracks without anyone hearing while the music plays on!


Includes seamless looping. Set short part of song or beat to repeat. Loops are automatically synced to song tempo. Includes shifts left to right and halve/double buttons.


Use your microphone with Disco XT to talk over your mix. Give announcements and talk about upcoming songs.


The interface is split into several devices: waveform view, looping, effects and more. You can show/hide devices as you wish and only keep the ones you use to save screen space. Includes tabbed browsing for music library and playlists. Includes different skin options and user choice for coloring from red to blue and anything between.


See what you are going to hear. You can detect incoming changes in song and inspect song ends with the waveform displays. Waveforms can be zoomed, which allows to see closer to the song for setting start points or loops, and then zoom out to see further in to the future.

Load short audio clips to the sample decks to spice up your mix. Show's start tunes, end tunes, sound effects and more. You may have up to six different samples loaded at a time.


Disco XT comes with high quality effects, including reverb, delay, phaser, filters and 32-band equalizer.


For headphone listening Disco XT Supports Firewire and USB audio interfaces and USB headphones. Multichannel audio interfaces are supported. Disco XT can be controlled with MIDI hardware controllers. Includes built-in maps for several controllers.

Save mixes

Records songs, transitions, effects, microphone and everything else to a single audio file. Share your mix or burn it to CD or load to your iPod or other portable media player.

Auto Content

Disco XT can choose songs for the playlist automatically when needed. Setup rules for spread and genres/artists and Disco XT will keep the playlist filled with songs that match the set rules.

Supported audio formats

MP3, AAC, protected AAC, WAVE, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, Flac.
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disco xt 6.3.6

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