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DX-Ball is a brick-breaking game that has been earning fans since 1996 for its simple yet addictive gameplay. Based on Megaball for the Amiga, DX-Ball is a classic that can be enjoyed by the whole family, even people who don´t play games. Below are some key commands you may want to take note of: CTRL + F1 = Opens the hidden level editor. You can go to this from the title screen with the powerups showing. F5 = Turns in-game music on. Keep pressing F5 to change the music playing. F6 = Turns in-game music off. Press P to pause the game and ESC to exit the game. CTRL + F4 + F3 + F2 = Whenever you start a new level, this expands the size of your paddle as well as gives it shooting and holding power.
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DX-Ball v1.09

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