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Easy Visual calculator is the easiest and most convenient visual calculator in the world. In addition to using the input button, you can directly input, edit the expression. It is a handy replacement for the standard Windows calculator with many additional features. features: Support the passage of fast-moving up and down around keys to the adjacent input box; Allows users to forget those strange, incomprehensible buttons. for example: M+/MC/MR/MS; You can Type "=" or "Enter" key to calculate the results at any time; Including precision control; Support comma; Auto-save history, at the same time preserve its date, user-friendly memories; Support for up to 5 equation calculated at the same time, thus you can compare between the results of each calculation; Start, run quickly and without additional installation of other components; Support trayicon; Menu "example" added; Support single instance; Support auto startup;
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Easy Visual Calculator

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