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EBU STL Viewer solution provides a visual representation of the EBU STL subtitle file container. Supported is the original Subtitling Data Exchange Format according to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) specification (.stl). Binary hex view is available along with the General Subtitling Information (GSI) and Text and Timing Information (TTI) blocks tree view. Binary hex data editing of GSI and TTI blocks is available. Along with the presentation capabilities, the EBU STL Viewer can perform EBU STL subtitle file format validation. EBU STL Viewer Pro is a product extension of the standard EBU STL Viewer product edition. Along with the standard functionality of EBU STL Viewer, the extended product offers EBU STL files verification and validation according to the EBU TECH 3264 format specification. Features: - Visual representation of EBU STL subtitle file format (.stl) - Hex data representation of the file - Automatic hex positioning of the selected TTI block - Hex data editing of General Subtitling Information (GSI) block - Hex data editing of selected Text and Timing Information (TTI) block - EBU STL files validation - available in EBU STL Viewer Pro - Text encoding codepage selection Supported EBU STL blocks: - GSI General Subtitling Information - TTI Text and Timing Information
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EBU STL Viewer

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