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Emotion is a lightweight, high-performance media player with extensive data format support.

Emotion can play mp3, mp4, mpeg, wmv, divx, h264, ape, flac, tak, and any other media formats which have DirectShow filter support (practically almost all formats do), and supports popular metadata formats including id3, ape tag, and vorbis comments. Emotion can also read cue sheets.

Emotion is designed to provide better experiences for both audio and video media.

Emotion has a versatile playlist manager. You can manage playlists to play all or selective items from your playlists.

Emotion is also featuring a less obstructing UI. Especially, the video window has no conventional UI elements at all. Instead, you can bring up the control or press hotkeys to view status, control playback, or use advanced features anytime.

Advanced Features

Advanced features do not directly affect what you see or hear, but can be extremely useful in certain situations.

Wheel Seeking (Mouse Wheel)

You can use the mouse wheel to seek the currently playing media forward or backward. Useful when you want to go quickly forward or backward a small amount. The seeking amount for each tick can be changed on the Preferences dialog.

Bookmarks (Ctrl+1~9, 1~9)

You can create bookmarks on any point of playback to return to the bookmarked positions quickly later.

Looping (Shift+1~8)

You can make Emotion play loop between two bookmarks.

Queuing (Playlist; Space, Shift+Space)

You can add selective items to the play queue instead of a whole playlist. Useful when you want to play one or more items, but not all items in a playlist.

Excluding (Playlist)

You can exclude selective items in a playlist. Useful when you have items you rarely play, but also want to keep those items.
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emotion 1.01

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