eplay 1.0 Beta


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Take a look at some of it's GREAT features;


* Your video files will tag themselves if they have been processed previously using internet technology

* Tag your files manually or edit the details to your liking

* Find your movies / TV shows fast using detailed search filter interface

* Sort columns in ascending / descending order

* Random play suggests a video to watch based on your search criteria

* Watched history lets you keep track of what you watched and when you watched it

* Post comments and ratings to share with your friends

* Video tutorials and online help are there to assist you and get the most out of ePlay!


* Allows you to connect to your friend's ePlay data so you can...

* See what they're watching

* Be notified when they watch a movie you haven't got or seen yet

* See what comments they wrote about a movie / episode as you watch it (this could potentially save you from wasting 2 hours by watching a film everyone thought was rubbish!)

* Receive recommendations based on your watch history

* Be reminded of friend's birthdays, public holidays and special events with the built-in calendar function

* Analyse anonymous chart usage data (such as top current 20 movies, top 20 TV shows etc...)


* Built-in web browser content lets you view friends profiles, libraries, watched items & much more

* Find new content or check to see if videos have been previously tagged while you wait for them to rip / download to your computer

* Obtain more information on any of your items by clicking the more button which links you to the item's page on IMDB!

Plus a unique colour coding system;

Each time you watch an episode, it changes to the selected colour so you can;

* See which episode you are up to easily

* Nominate colours for your friends (eg: picking pink when you watch stuff with your girlfriend so you can see what you watched together)

ePlay is easy to use and requires as little maintenance as possible by sharing data about video files each time it has this data completed by the first ever user of that file !
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eplay 1.0 Beta

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