karadream 1.0 Technical Preview 2


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KaraDream is a free media player that manages and plays both audio and video files, including Youtube videos. It automatically looks up related Youtube videos, artist's portraits, and news as you play the media item. It also allow you to create and display karaoke-like lyric.

Feature Highlights

* - Youtube video playback

* - DirectShow support - any codec installed will be supported

* - Looks up related Youtube videos

* - Automatically look up artist's images from Bing/Google

* - Automatically look up artist's news articles from Bing/Google

* - Support *.lrc lyrics import

* - Support *.kdl synchronized lyrics creation

* - Synchronized lyrics playback

* - Allow bookmarking on all media items

* - Windows Vista/7 integration

* - Multiple playlists supported
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karadream 1.0 Technical Preview 2

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