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Longo DVD Copy is a clean and powerful DVD Copy Software. It can automatically decrypter all known copy protections, and help you copy DVDs to computer hard drive or to ISO file, or burn DVDs to blank discs. It also can burn DVD files from hard drive to blank DVD discs. Longo DVD Copy provides 4 copy mode. With Full Disc mode, you can get exactly same files with original DVDs; With main movie mode, you can remove unwanted subtitles, audio tracks, credits, advertiments, only copy the main content, doing this can save your time and space. With split mode, you can split D9 movies into two D5 movies, to fit D5 blank discs. While with episode modes, you can choose any episoders or titles to copy, this is specially useful when you copy TV Shows DVD or Episodes DVDs. So with Longo DVD Copy in hand, you can make perfect DVD copies or your favouite DVDs, without the risk of any damage or scratches to the original DVDs.
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Longo DVD Copy

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