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Moovida is much more than a simple media player... it is a cutting edge media center bringing the best of the internet to your TV screen. Automatically creating your own digital library you can browse from your sofa with a remote control. The elegant and easy to use interface automatically displays artwork and fan art throughtout and gives you access to movie synopsis and artist info.

Check the Features section for full details on what's on offer...

Watch movies & TV shows

Catalog your movies, tv shows and other videos with integrated online content. Moovida supports HD and almost all file formats like divX, mkv, flv, h264, mov, ogg and much more without need for additional codecs.

Enjoy your pictures

Visualize the photos of your latest trip either from your hard drive or your flickr account in a nicely animated slideshow.

Manage your music

Access all of your songs easily, enhance your library with online services and find new music to listen to.

Get connected

Flickr, Youtube,, SHOUTcast and much more - extend the functionality of Moovida with new content from top internet sites. Listen online to your favorite songs, share your media with your friends on your network or scan other devices like your iPod with Moovida.


Search your favorite artists, songs, movies, TV shows or your own pictures.


Thumbnail Previews

Animated slideshows with cool and extensible effects (crossfade, flip, cube, postcard)

Album handling

Organizes your pictures by date

Full-screen display of all supported picture and image formats via a TV

Great image controls such as rotate, image info, pause, next/previous picture

Play music while watching your pictures

Automatic organization of images (most viewed, recently viewed, recently added)

Recognize digital cameras and other plug-and-play devices

Plugins: Flickr, Deviantart

Movies & TV Shows

Play all your videos & dvds

Full HD support

Support for all video formats

Organizes your video files into movies and TV shows

Organizes your TV shows into seasons and episodes

Manage your favorite videos

Streaming access over your network

Automatic playlists of unwatched, most watched, last watched and recently added videos

Full HD backgrounds (fan art) for all of your movies & TV shows

Actor list for TV shows

Plot synopsis and additional info for all movies & TV shows

Subtitle support (embedded and external)

Audio language selection for DVDs

Access online video content through our great plugins

Plugins like YouTube, Balzac, Onion News Network, TED, Game Trailers, Powell Skateboard Video podcast, Discovery Channel News, Apple Movie Trailers, Qik Mobile Videos, RTBF, Flemish TV

Supported video codecs: mpeg1, mpeg2, vp6, svq3, mpeg4, h264, h263, theora, wmv

Supported video containers: avi, asf, mov, ogg(ogg,ogv,ogm), matroska(mkv), flv(flash video), mpeg

Supported subtitle formats: srt, ssa, subtitles included in supported containers


Play all your music

Organizes your music according to artists, albums, genres, time periods and alphabetical order

Album art downloads automatically

Audio visualization during playback

Great search features for finding any song in your library

Add audio from other computers on your network

Network streaming of your music

Manage your favorites by Artist, Albums, Tracks and Radios

Automatic playlists of recently played, most played and recently added tracks

Integrate your library with online content services

Plugins like Shoutcast, Grooveshark,, RTBF radio, flemish radio

Supported audio codecs: mp3, ac3, aac, dts, vorbis, flac, wma

And more

Share your media from your computer on your TV

Interface is optimized for television viewing

Remote control support

Optimized navigation for simple remotes with 5 buttons

Automatic media detection

Automatically detected iPods, cameras, USB hard drives, and other peripheral devices

Automatic updates of plugins and core software

Localization support for multiple languages and geo-targeted content

Quick installation of recommended plugins to help you find the latest features

Open source means you can access all source code and make changes to your own installation

Combine all your music, movies, TV shows and images and browse them with one interface
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