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An attractive and efficient mortgage calculator for your web-site. Draw new visitors and keep them loyal by offering a unique Silverlight application experience - an irresistible blend of efficiency, convenience, and looks. The calculator is a perfect tool to let your customer visualize her payment schedule way before she receives the truth-in-lending statement. She can appraise the amount of equity built within any period; estimate the costs involved, including PMI and taxes. The dynamically updated parameter fields always get synchronized with the entry fields' data directly as one clicks on the adjustment arrows. Multiple adjustable parameters allow for refined results and the next generation software technology insures their brilliant Graph and Table representation. You host the executable file of the calculator on your server and embed the client control in your web-page. As a visitor clicks on the calculator to use it, the executable file gets cached on the user's computer, thus relieving your server of all the calculation processing and traffic. This Silverlight calculator is server platform independent: all calculations take place on the user's computer. The client control is designed to work on Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X.
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Mortgage Calculator for websites

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