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Movavi Media Octopus is your helping hand for media management. Transfer video to portable devices. Import files onto your PC. Make backups. Upload video to YouTube. Enrich your media collection with online videos and ripped DVDs. Download Media Octopus now!

Simply drag-and-drop your files to the mobile device of your choice - Movavi Media Octopus does the rest.

Here's what you can do with Movavi Media Octopus:

* Import media from iPod, PSP, USB portable media players, flash drives and external hard drives

* Backup portable device content

* Keep your media collection up-to-date: download online clips & rip DVDs

* Easily transfer video to mobile devices - format conversion is automatic!

* Upload videos to YouTube

* Get things done quickly and easily with our intuitive interface

Movavi Media Octopus key features:

Import media files from portable devices

- Movavi Media Octopus supports a wide range of media devices

Movavi Media Octopus is designed to simplify management of media files, and does it well. You can quickly browse through the files on any device and transfer video to PC by dragging-and-dropping.

Moving videos from your mobile device is no longer a chore! Using Movavi Media Octopus, you can start uploading media from your devices in no time. Take a look at the supported devices.


Apple iPod Classic

Apple iPod Mini

Apple iPod Nano

Apple iPod Video

Apple iPod Shuffle

Sony PSP

USB portable media players

USB flash drives

USB external hard drives

Backup portable device content

- Secure media content on all your devices

While the best brains in the universe are making devices more and more reliable, catastrophic crashes that kill every file in sight do still happen. And that's a nightmare scenario you don't want to think about - not to mention the impossibility of reassembling your precious collection. Movavi Media Octopus prevents that nightmare from happening by giving you an easy backup feature. Your collection is too valuable to lose.

Update your media collection

- Download online videos and rip DVDs

Enrich your media collection every day by downloading political and sports highlights from video sharing websites - then convert them automatically for your portable device.

Movavi Media Octopus works seamlessly with DVDs and Video CDs. Enjoy the latest films and cartoons on your mobile devices. All you need to do is find the DVD or video CD in the My Devices list on your PC and drag-and-drop the video to your PC or portable player. Choose the subtitle and audio track language to make experiencing your converted video or DVD even more special.

Easily transfer media files to mobile devices

- Watch videos on any device - no special knowledge required!

If "video format", "bit rate" and "aspect ratio" are nothing but gobbledegook to you, Movavi Media Octopus is your indispensable companion.

Forget about the geeky stuff - just find the files you want to watch on your PSP or USB device and drag-and-drop them to the device. Movavi Media Octopus automatically detects the right format, chooses the appropriate settings for your device and takes care of all the necessary conversion work in the background.

Upload videos to YouTube

- Correct format conversion is automatic!

Creativity needs company. Thanks to the tech gods, there is no need to email your creations to your friends. YouTube will show your video to the entire world. And what is more rewarding than acknowledgment from a fellow video fanatic of the clip you spent all night working on? Media Octopus makes video uploading and conversion a snap - just add your account to the My Accounts list and drag-and-drop your videos to the site! Upload, comment, discuss, and get inspired for your next new creation.

And more!

- Movavi Media Octopus will take care of your media collection

* Save time and effort - Movavi Media Octopus takes the place of all the standalone programs you use to manage your mobile devices. You'll find all your devices in Movavi Media Octopus' 'My Device' list.

* Managing media files is fun with Movavi's clear, intuitive interface and drag-and-drop access.

* Free yourself from the shackles of format barriers: Movavi Media Octopus supports a huge variety of video formats - and we're adding more every day!
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movavi media octopus 1.1.4

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