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MP3 Speed Changer enables you to speed up audio files (MP3, WMA, OGG and many others) - podcasts, audiobooks without changing the pitch. Batch processing feature and easy-to-use user interface make MP3 Speed Changer valuable tool for audio listeners and authors who want to save time. You can speed up your audio in a few moments, just select the files you want to speed up and choose the new tempo. Files will be automatically speeded up and converted to MP3 so you can move them right to your portable MP3 player or open in your favorite software MP3 player. You can also save time with video files. M3SC enables you to extract the audio track, speed it up and save as MP3. At the 150% tempo you save 20 minutes for every hour of audio material you listen to. Your mind can easily handle the faster tempo, since you can think far faster than anyone can naturally talk. Here are some key features: Change tempo of podcasts, audiobooks and other audio Speed up or slow down without changing the pitch Batch processing Supports MP3, WMA, OGG and many other audio and video formats Extract audio track from video file and speed it up Preview the change before speeding up Drag and drop files directly from explorer Simple and easy-to-use user interface ... and more!
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MP3 Speed Changer

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