MSN Search Toolbar with Desktop Search

The MSN Toolbar Suite combines several great programs that speed up your search tasks and help you surf the Web. There´s now an MSN Toolbar for Microsoft Office Outlook, the MSN Deskbar in the Windows taskbar, and an MSN Toolbar that works in both Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. With Toolbars in these three places, you can start your search and find your pages more quickly than ever before. MSN Deskbar includes the Desktop Search feature, which lets you search your computer as easily as you search the Web. With MSN Desktop Search, you don´t have to keep everything perfectly organized on your computer. Instead, Desktop Search creates a complete index of the files and folders on your computer so that you can find files almost instantly, just as easily as you search the Web. And unlike Windows, Desktop Search lets you search the contents of nearly everything on your computer—e-mail messages, appointments, documents, multimedia files, and more. NEW! Find anything - Search the Web any time, anywhere, and easily locate documents, e-mail messages, and more on your PC Shop faster - Fill out online forms with one click Access MSN services - Get one-click access to Hotmail, MSN Messenger, and MSN Spaces
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MSN Search Toolbar with Desktop Search

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