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This game is played by 2 players. At the start of a game each player is dealt 10 cards, 1 card is put face up as the first card in the discard pile, the rest of the cards are put face down as the stock pile. The first player starts the round by picking up a card in the discard pile or the stock pile, and then discarding a card from his hand to the discard pile, then the next player starts his round, and so on. The cards on hand form melds and deadwoods. Melds are 3 or 4 cards of the same rank; or 3 of more cards of the same suit in sequence. Melds cannot overlap so one card cannot belong to two melds. The rest of the cards are called deadwood cards, each deadwood card has points, A has 1 point, 2 has 2 points, etc, J, Q, K has 10 points. The object of this game is to reduce the deadwood points. After discarding a card, the player can knock if his deadwood points are less than or equal to 10. The other player can have a chance to lay off his deadwood cards if they can form melds with the knocking player's melds. After that, if the knocking player's deadwood points is less than the other player's, then he is awarded scores equal to the difference in deadwood points. But if the other player has less deadwood points, then the other player gets 25 plus the difference in deadwood points. If the knocking player has no deadwood then the other player is not allowed to lay off, and the knocking player is awarded an extra 25 points. And if all the 11 cards in a player's hand form valid melds, then he can knock before discarding a card and he is awarded an extra 6 points. If there are only 2 cards remaining in the stock pile, then the game ends in a draw. The match ends when a player has accumulated 100 points.
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multiplayer gin rummy 1.5.0

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