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Music Tutor is an application for a user to train his/her own voice. The main purpose of this software is to analyze voice data gathered from the microphone and display the results in real-time, so that the user may appraise his/her voice.

With Music Tutor, the user may see whether he/she is singing at the correct pitch and how high the musical quality of his/her voice is. All this information is presented to the user through a vibrant and colorful interface.

Additionally, the user may use a MIDI keyboard along with Music Tutor (or the program's own virtual keyboard) to help along his/her exercising. The user may also record his/her exercise sessions, play those recordings back or play any other media file.

Technical Specifications

Supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating systems

Real time voice analysis

Playback and recording using Microsoft PCM WAV format

MIDI input and output

Suggested System Configuration

Windows 2000/XP operating system

1.8 GHz or better processor

256 MB RAM
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Music Tutor 1.1

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