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About PodLift

PodLift is a freeware program which allows you to browse the playlists and library of any iPod, listen to tracks, and copy tracks and playlists into an iTunes library or playlist, or directly onto your hard drive.

PodLift is still in beta, mainly because I am limited in my testing resources, and I need YOU to try it out and tell me about any bugs and needed features.

You can configure PodLift to let iTunes copy files, or have PodLift copy your files. PodLift can create \Album\Artist directories if you want, and you can configure what information to include in the file name. In fact, iTunes is not required to use PodLift. You can copy tracks from an iPod without installing iTunes.

You can view the entire contents of the iPod (the default) or you can view any playlists. You can select or create a playlist in iTunes into which your tracks will be copied. You can also copy a whole playlist from your iPod into iTunes with one click.

PodLift has no ads, does not access the Internet, and does not change any settings in your computer.

Basically, PodLift is simple, safe, and free.


* PodLift requires Windows ME or later (Windows Vista is supported)

* PodLift requires Apple QuickTime 7 (for information go to Apple's Quicktime Site)

* PodLift requires (and will automatically install if needed) Microsoft .NET 1.1
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