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It can be used to play or open different type of media files. QPlayer supports multiple playlists and these are displayed in alphabetical order.

QPlayer uses file and folder names in playlist. This makes to possible that playlist works like explorer. You can rename files or even drag those to other applications. Also it's easier to find files from disk by clicking selected file context menu "Open directory to explorer". Disadvantage of using filesystem names is that the files must be named clearly.

One way to rename files is use mFastRen program that comes bundled with the QPlayer.

Some other players the playlist is sortable that files can be sorted to playing order. QPlayer has secondary playlist called "MemoryList" for that purpose. You can drag or send files to it by context menu. You can also search files from playlists and show results in memorylist. When search is started with shift button down, search result is appended to bottom of memorylist. If you want search where file is contained in playlist you can use quick search (ctrl+f) or enter starting letter of file when playlist is active.

The playlist is cached to memory when it is readed once from file system. When the playlist is updating there will appear icon on playlist tab button. Playlist refreshing can be started manually by selecting 'Refresh List' from context menu.
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qplayer Beta

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