quintessential player 4.51


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Quintessential is a multi format audio player with lots of extra features. With its new extended freeform skinning engine and plethora of feature extending plugins Quintessential Player can be whatever you want it to be.

This new version brings you closer to your music then ever before. Stop letting your media player push you around, take control with Quintessential's new and improved arsenal of features.

Most importantly you can take control of your listening experience for FREE. How is this possible you ask? It just is. Don't let the price fool you, there are no Pro versions, cripples, nags or spyware. Quintessential is here to be enjoyed without any catches.

* Rip CDs or convert music into your favourite format

* Keep your music files clean with the track editor

* More control with Skin Layouts

* Play the track you want with a click of the mouse

* Organize the songs you'll hear with the Playlist Editor

* Save your desktop space when using the Remote
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quintessential player 4.51

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