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QuuxPlayer + Your PC + Your Home Audio System = The Home Audio PC

Ever wonder why Windows music players seem to be designed for everything except actually listening to music?

There are a ton of windows music utilities out there. You can download. You can rip. You can rip, mix, and burn. You can stream. You can convert. You can add visualization. You can get on line and share your opinions about music. You can buy music. And on and on.

But how often do you just sit back, relax, and really listen to all that music?

You've got a PC or notebook computer attached to your stereo speakers. There's just one thing missing...

Now there's a Windows audio player that is designed to make the important part of all of this ? the listening experience ? a pleasure instead of an afterthought. You can get to the music you want to hear quickly and easily, even with huge libraries music. All with outstanding sound quality. And without unnecessary stuff like on-line stores, limited formats, and marketing gimmicks that compromise the listening experience. QuuxPlayer is simple enough to get started right away, but when you're ready it will support you with a rich set of features like advanced automatic playlist rules, a 30 band equalizer, playlist import/export, and automatic folder monitoring.

QuuxPlayer plays all major file types: MP3, AAC (iTunes), FLAC, OGG, Apple Lossless, WMA, etc.


QuuxPlayer Pro Edition gives you even more control and ease of use for music listening. With the Pro Edition, you get all of the following:

* The unmatched ease of use and power of QuuxPlayer, including all Standard Edition features

* Virtually unlimited library size: 100,000 tracks or more with outstanding performance

* Volume Leveling / Replay Gain support (Album or Track based)

* Automatic monitoring of your selected Windows folders to keep your library up to date

* A switchable 30 band or 10 band equalizer

* Import and Export of playlists or current views (.m3u format)

* Export of current views to spreadsheets (.csv format)

* Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) support for audiophile-grade 24-bit audio depth

* Sleep feature to gradually turn down volume and exit (or optionally shut down the computer)

* Accelerated technical support

* Free lifetime upgrades

* Supports the continued development of QuuxPlayer

License and Upgrades

With the purchase of a license to QuuxPlayer Pro Edition you will be entitled to free lifetime upgrades to all future versions. Just install the newer version and your activation will continue to work. The license is perpetual: you will be entitled to use it forever. If you need assistance transferring the product from one computer to another we would be happy to help with that; please contact our Support Desk.
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quuxplayer pro edition

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