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Multiple Computers Share Speakers, Save Your Money and Space!

Share Speaker Player is an outstanding yet easy-to-use application to manage music and share speakers over network with high quality. This software allows you sharing songs resource and remote control the playlist. You can choose to play songs on local computer or other computers with speakers. You can add your songs to the shared playlist and reorder, remove songs, control the volume of sound, and so on.

If there are several speakers in one office, they will disturb each other when they are open at the meantime. With this software, just one speaker is enough for an office shared by many colleagues. Save your money and space!

Play music directly on other computer and use its speakers, you even don't need to copy or send the music to this computer.

All computers in office, home or room can share the same set of speakers.

Songs from laptop computer can be played with the speakers of desktop computer without copy or move.

Your families, friends and colleagues could play their music on your computer and share your speakers.

Every computer is entitled to accepting or refusing other users to play on it or use its speakers.

Support all kinds of audio formats that are available in Window Media Player.

How to use it

Step 1: Install the software on some of computers in your office or family.

Step 2: Run the software on your computer, you will see the computers list that are running the software.

Step 3: Select the songs and the computer which you want to play on, and click "Play" button. Everything is OK now! You will hear the sound send from the speakers of other computer!
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share speaker player 1.10

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