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Smart Sound Recorder is a full-featured universal sound recording system for both home users and Pros. It is a flexible and inexpensive software solution for those who want to record any digital sound from PC to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF. It has many advanced features like Silence detection, Voice Activation, built-in Scheduler to record Internet Radio shows and easy HotKey configuration.

Smart Silence Detection, allows you on your choice to stop recording, skip silent block or start record to the new file when the volume of recorded sound falls below predefined threshold. Easy configuration of Silence Detection settings will allow you to enable Voice Activation, when recording starts automatically after voice is detected and silent blocks are skipped.

Schedule recording of Internet Radio shows on any date and time and with any period you want by using built-in Scheduler. As a nice bonus for Dialup users, it is possible to disconnect automatically from the Internet after recording is done.

You can define System HotKeys you want so you can Record, Pause, Resume and Stop or invoke Settings dialog anytime and from any application using convenient hotkeys of your choice.
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Smart Sound Recorder 1.0

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