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* ShaderEngineTMimage enhancement engine,reduce screen noise, sharp picture quality rendering

* LiveColorTMcolor enhancement algorithms, the picture is more colorful colors

* SmartAmplifyTMIntelligent sound field balance of technology, sound is even more shocking

Low consumption

* FastMotionTMoptimized to significantly reduce CPU and memory footprint. Optimization for multi-core SSE2 SSE3 MMX GPU etc

* PowerTravelTMpower-saving mode of travel, reduce energy consumption, increase the cruise time for notebook

* EyeCareTMtake care your eyes for long time watching, health is the most important


* Anti-SillyTMSmart, hand-free configuration, hundreds of branch logic automatically selects the best mode based on the hardware configuration.

* CloudMatchingTMIntelligent Display subtitles technology, foreign language film is no longer a need to find matching subtitles

Delicate beauty

* After a number of enthusiastic users of professional advice and design, SPlayer interface adhering to simple, stylish, functional integrity without affecting the general use. Buttons novice twist, the cure that is to go
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splayer 3.7 Build 2437

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