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The TAA Toolbar Has Everything you want and more. Lets Start Off With The Basics. It has a powerful Search Engine ( TAA Power Search ) Powered By Google. Features: Highlighter- Looking For Words Now Became Easier With The Built In Highlighter Weather- Forget Searching On The Internet To Look For Weather. We Do It For you! We have up to date weather on the Toolbar! Pop Up Blocker- With The Pop Up Blocker You Won´t Get Popups! Links- Check Out Our Massive Link Area.... You Won´t Have To Type Another URL Again. Email Notifier- Let Us Check Your Email For You! The Toolbar Automaticly Checks- POP3 Email Accounts, Hotmail,Gmail,And Yahoo! RSS- Were Not Like Any Other Company. We Support You 100% With The Built In Message Box (RSS) Receive Updates And Great Things TAA Does. Add Gadgets To Your Toolbar To Fit your every day life. Does Your Toolbar Do This? Get YouTube Top Feeds Which Provides you with the newest Videos Love iTunes? Access iTunes Music Store from our toolbar. Yahoo! Music Top 10 Is Also Available. Receive The Latest New Music Information With Rhapsody Top Feeds! Watch TV Right On The Toolbar! With LabPixies TV You Can Watch Just About Anything! If You Love Casinos You Will Feel right At Home With-Blackjack And Slots! We Also Offer Backgammon and Memory Games! If Your Ever Stuck and need some help with numbers our Calculator will be perfect for you! Ever Forget what you are going to do today? Well with the ToDo Gadget you won´t foget! On A Diet Or Want To Watch Your Health. The Calorie calculator, a simple way to monitor you daily calorie intake, easily manage your diet and meals. Have You Ever Wanted To know what your IP Address Is? We Have a IP Gadget That Shows Your IP! And If All Of This Infomation Confused You And You Feel Like Your In A Different Language Don´t Worry. We Have Translation service right on the toolbar.
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TAA Toolbar For Firefox 4.5

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