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Real-time tag editor creates tag data by extracting it from file names, file paths, or by downloading it from MusicBrainz. Batch-renames files using existing tag data or data that you create, and with a straightforward interface that allows the quick creation of reusable naming templates. Rename a single file, selected files, or an entire folder of files. Preview and edit new names before they're applied, and undo changes if you change your mind.

Tag Clinic converts tags between versions, auto-fills them, swaps text between fields, or creates one type of tag using data from another. Choose which tag fields to make visible and in what order they appear. Drag rows around to create the exact playlist order you want. Supports Find, Click to view screenshotFind All, Find & Replace, print tags, and saves tag lists to six different file formats.Create custom capitalization schemes with the multi-function Capitalization Editor. Backup and restore tags to and from CSV or MS Excel files, or drag in spreadsheet data to add to tags.

You can store album art and other files directly in your tags for safe-keeping and for one-click access. View, store, extract, rearrange, or remove pictures and other objects, or copy and paste them, or move them around, just as easily as text.

Tag Clinic features the most comprehensive support available of tag types and tag fields, providing access to many fields rarely supported. "Quickload Mode" restores tag library views from a database file in much less time than it takes to reread tags. Integrated browser supports Drag & Drop.

Main Features:

Tag Support> ID3v1: mp3, aac, ape, flac, mpc; ID3v2: mp3, aac, ape, flac, mpc;

APE: aac, ape, mpc; FLAC, M4A, MP4, OGG, VQF, WMA

Convert ID3v2.2 to ID3v2.3

Convert ID3 tags between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4

Convert ID3v2 tags between ASCII and Unicode

Converts Monkey tags between v1.0 and 2.0

Auto-synch MP3 tag data between ID3v1and ID3v2

Rename files based on tag data

Operates on all or just selected files

Rename preview

Rename undo

Duplicate file name report generator

User-defined renaming formats

Extract tag data from file or folder names

Folder scanning

Backup and restore tag data to and from CSV and XLS files

Find, Find Next, Find All, Find & Replace in tags and/or file names

Directory-restructuring/file-relocation as files renamed

Customizable column order and visibility

User-defined data columns

Multiple Comment, URL, and other tag fields

Supports MusicMatch custom information comment frames

Supports Media Jukebox custom information comment frames

Supports iTunes custom format frames

Supports online tag data lookup via MusicBrainz (Windows XP and Vista)

Contains internal player

Normalizes audio volume

Supports all URL fields

Edits synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics

Encapsulated Objects Editor

Separate Genre Editors for both ID3v1 and ID3v2

Capitalization Editor

Column Editor

Tag data importation by drag-and-drop

File drag & drop

Column and Row rearrangement by drag & drop

Quick folder reloads from database file

Intellipan via mouse wheel

Multi-column sorting

Tag removal

Tag compression

Separate popup menus for individual tag field edits and multi-file edits

Four image browsers: one full view, two thumbnail, and one frame editor

Auto-convert underbars and other characters, trim extra space, capitalize, and more

View basic file spec data

Play and enqueue files

Create custom playlists

Integrated file browser

Print-preview and tag print

Save to Text, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, CSV, or XML file formats

Help file included

And...upgrades are still FREE!
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tag clinic

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