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Listed are some of the more major features of winOKE. Click the [+] symbol to expand each option to see it in more detail. when you have finished reading this why not have a look at some screen shots of winOKE in use.

Complete Karaoke System for Windows

Full Screen Karaoke Playback

Includes Full-Screen Video Playback (if available)

Full-Screen Slide-Show playback (if setup)

International Support

Support for Unicode characters

Support for Right to Left Reading

Code Generator

Renames files into a standard coded form

Creates CSV files with directory listings for printout

VoiceSupressor (Attempts to remove vocals from wave files)

Import File Formats

Will Import from KAR MIDI files

Will Import from LRC files

Export File Formats

Will Export to LRC files

Will Export to AVI files

Full Karaoke Editor

Enter your own lyrics for ANY song

Timings edior for easy syncronisation of lyrics with music

Timings can be re-edited as many times as required

Each lyrics line can be a different colour, and different colours for highlight

Stores Album, Song and Artist Names

Background Image Support (for effect and mood)

Background Webcam Support


Various settings can be loaded and saved to be used by other OKE files

Templates can be applied at any time

Song Parts - More than one set of lyrics for a karaoke song

Different sets of lyrics for different people who sing in a song

Each set of lyrics has its own settings

Lyrics sets are independant of each other

Possible use for singing Song and second part for harmony

Multi-Line Preview - See Next line of lyrics before it starts

Old Mode (Next line appears at top of page)

New Mode (Two lines alternate with lyrics from song)

Batch File Converter

Import and Convert many KAR MIDI files into winOKE in one go

Apply random templates to each one imported

Can also be used on OKE files to apply random templates

Multi-Monitor Support

Requires Windows 98SE or better

Playback and controls on seperate screens

On-Line Help included (requires HTML Help to be Installed)

Supports Many Media Formats

Plays any files used by Media Player (MCI)

Plays CDs (using default CD-ROM drive)

Plays any files used by Window Media Player 6+

Suports Winamp (if installed) for extra file formats

Media can be saved inside the winOKE .OKE file (embedded)

Desktop and taskbar can be hidden during karaoke playback

Change of letter styles

Shadow writing

Bubble writing

Variable distance/thickness and colour for effect

Step/Subtitles Mode (displays lyrics as you click the mouse)

Different Lyrics Highlighting Styles

Many highlighting methods

Bouncing, Animated and Custom Bouncing Balls

Highlight Lyrics differents colour every line in the song

Underline lyrics

Lyrics appear

Highlight word, letter, timing group

Combinations of the above

Song Title Display

Song Title displayed on play

Many effects to choose from

Drag and Drop support

Files dropped on the main screen will be played

Files dropped on the editor will be loaded/imported

Files dropped on the batch play/converter will be added to the list

Can control things in the real world (via serial or parallel port)

Batch Playback Mode

Registered Version Only

Play many files all at once

Can skip songs at a single click/key press

Play in random order

Can load and save playlists

Instrumental Animation

User defined animation

Appears while no lyrics are visible

Scrolls in and out of view

Easy to enter timings for lyrics

File Finder

Find songs by Artist, Name, Filename and lyrics!

Integrates with explorer (start/find/winOKE File...)

Explorer Shell Intergration

Adds property page to .OKE files (in explorer) which details the file selected

Find File integrates with explorer (start/find/winOKE File...)

Automatically registers it`s file type son startup

Uninstaller included

Slide Show

A slide show in time with the lyrics can be added

Can be Full-Screen or use a % of the screen

Pictures can be saved inside the winOKE .OKE file (embedded)

Automatic Adjustments

Adjusts font sizes so they look the same regardless of the screen resoulution

Adjusts video size so it looks the same regardless of the screen resoulution

Adjusts slide show size so it looks the same regardless of the screen resoulution

Tip of the Day

Registration costs $30

Register secure online at

Great fun to play around with

And more...
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winoke 3.24

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