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With ZenPoint DigitalCenter, you can listen to your music, karaoke songs, online radio stations, watch your music videos or favorite movies or just enjoy your photos in a nice slideshow. Rip your music CD's, create unlimited playlists, themes, skins or your own language. Make a playlist for the whole family or choose specific topics. It's also possible to use the DigitalCenter as a Jukebox with party mode support. ZenPoint DigitalCenter comes with more than 30.000 different radio stations, and can be configured to meet all your needs from a privat music center to a cinema or a party jukebox, the choice is yours. The DigitalCenter can be controlld with a touchscreen, mouse, IPad or Iphone. ZenPoint DigitalCenter also has "Dual monitor" support.
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ZenPoint DigitalCenter

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